Equine Digital Xrays

Meadows Vet Centre offers the highest quality in Xray Imaging with Digital Xrays now available. Digital Xray enables us to obtain images of vastly superior quality to film images. Digital Xray has revolutionised diagnostics in that previously difficult sites to view are now more accessible, permitting the detection of early signs of disease and increasing our diagnostic capacity. Digital xrays are commonly used as part of a detailed lameness evaluation.

Our system of direct digital radiography has improved our efficiency in that the time delay of processing images is no longer an issue. Our system is completely portable and wireless. No more power cords around horse feet and legs. As soon as an xray is taken the image pops up on the lap top screen. This is a great advantage where large numbers of xrays are taken for  prepurchase evaluations. Digital images are available for viewing immediately. Consequently, a diagnosis can be made promptly within the initial visit and treatment can be commenced.


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