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In House Laboratory, Meadows Veterinary CentreAt Meadows Veterinary Centre we have our own in house laboratory enabling us to perform a large range of in-house testing. Animals can’t say how they are feeling – it is usually they way they look or act that tells us that something is wrong. This is where testing is so important. Blood testing can warn us of the earliest signs of illness or disease even before your animals shows any signs. Detecting illnesses and disease early can provide a better outcome and often lower treatment costs too!

Blood testing of seemingly healthy pets during wellness visits can provide us with your pets “normal values”. This means that if there appears to be a health issue we use your pet’s normal values as a baseline to compare with.

The most common diagnostic tests we run are the Complete Blood Chemistry panel as this the test that will tell us if there is an infection, inflammation or anaemia. We also use Urinalysis to tell us if there is an infection of inflammation in the urinary tract and electrolyte testing to see if the liver, kidneys and pancreas are performing as they should.

We also offer pre-anesthetic blood tests prior to any surgery or procedure that requires an anesthetic. With this testing it tells us if your pet is able to cope with an anesthetic. If there are problems detected we may have to delay surgery for another time or adjust the anesthesia to a safer level.

We also offer fecal egg counts for most farm animals so that owners can ensure their worming programs are being effective in reducing worm burdens as well as having the most economical program in place.

The huge advantage of having our own in house lab is that we can have test results available within 30 minutes. This is essential for critically ill patients and for patients that are presented to us after normal working hours.

We also have access to full pathology laboratories for cultures and pathology work.

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