Pet Grooming

At our Wags & Whiskers pet grooming salon located within our Veterinary Centre we offer a full range of pet grooming, clipping and washing services in a very safe caring environment. Our friendly trained team will provide you with all of the professional advice needed to have a happy, healthy and well groomed pet. Every grooming session is unique as special attention is paid to your pet’s breed, skin type and condition, personality, lifestyle and of course the look you would like. Only the best low allergy natural shampoos and conditioners are used. These are also available for purchase from the Centre.

We are extremely fortunate to have acquired the services of groomer extraordinairre Emilie Van Der Hoogen. Emilie is very experienced with clipping and grooming. The feed back we have already had from clients is wonderful!

· you did an absolutely amazing groom on Jerry my spoodle! Usually we call him not very nice names after his groom!- this time we called him handsome! Highly recommend everyone 

· thankyou for the fabulous groom you gave our King Charles cav Charlie last Fri. I think even he knows how fab he looks

Being able to offer professional grooming services as a part of a Veterinary Centre has some significant advantages. If any skin or medical condition is detected during the grooming process we will contact you to discuss your options for diagnosis and/or treatment. This will save you time and ensure prompt treatment of problems which will ultimately save money as well. There are a number of skin conditions that if prompt treatment is not received they can become problematic, time consuming and difficult to treat.

Another advantage is that only veterinarians can legally use sedatives if required. Although the need to use sedation is rare we do have cases particularly in cats where sedatives will help them to relax and reduce their stress levels so that they can learn to enjoy being groomed. Of course use of sedatives is only with the owner’s permission and under a veterinarian’s supervision.

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