Pet Insurance

At times, it seems like every second advertisement on the TV or radio is for health, car or home insurance and most people will have one or all of these because things can wrong with our health and accidents regrettably do happen. But what about insurance for your pets? Just like us, pets get sick or have unfortunate accidents which are often out of the blue and are not always at a ‘convenient’ time.

Fortunately, there are a number of companies which offer competitive, comprehensive health insurance for your pet with many plans available to suit you and your best friend.
There are also a number of companies that now cover horses and alpacas.

Below are links to some pet-insurance companies that you may like to consider. Also, look into your home and contents insurance provider's policies as a trend is growing towards either including pet cover for free or adding it on for a small cost to the pre-existing insurance. Please read the policies carefully as they do differ regarding the cover provided.

AFS-PetMed -
1300 732 172

Bow Wow Meow Pet Health Insurance -
1800 668 502

Insurance Line Pet Health Plan -
138 868

Pet Plan -

Manchester Unity Pet Health Insurance -
131 372

Petsecure Insurance -
1300 855 160

RSPCA Insurance -


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