Podgy Paws Program

There have been many reports lately regarding the problems of obesity in pets as well as humans. We are noticing that a number of our patients do need some guidance with weight control. Research has shown that around 50% of dogs and cats are overweight to some degree. An overweight pet is at risk from a whole range of problems including diabetes mellitus, heart disease, skin complaints, breathing difficulties and arthritis.

Feeding the correct diet to your pet is a must for a long and healthy life. All of our nurses are trained to give expert advice regarding nutrition, but Allayne James has a special interest in nutrition and would love to help clients with their pets.

I think my pet may need to lose a few kilograms!

The first thing you need to do is make an appointment with us. If you are visiting us make sure you mention you are visiting for a weight check-up this will help us to set aside some extra time with you and your pet. Weight gain can indicate illness or disease. Before starting on any weight loss program we need to confirm your pet is as healthy as they can be considering the extra kilograms they are carrying.

What is the Podgy Paws Program?

Following a health check-up and full physical examination we will prepare a weight management program for you. Target weight goals will be outlined and you will be supplied with a weight chart, a nutritional plan and an exercise program. Your pet's targets will be based on their age, breed, health and individual needs.

You will also be asked to visit us regularly for free follow-up progress visits including weight check-ups to make sure your pet is on track and to discuss any concerns or queries you may have. Allayne and all of our nurses will make it easy for you to keep your pet on track!

The information below is one reason why many of our pets are overweight. This hopefully will make pet owners think twice before giving in to those “please feed me” eyes!

Dog Human

1 small biscuit  =  1 hamburger
1 buttered piece of toast  =  1 hamburger
30g cheddar cheese  =  75g of chocolate
100g sausage  =  6 donuts!



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