Equine Dentistry

Equine dental care is a rapidly growing area of veterinary practice, with veterinarians and owners alike realising the link between dental health and equine comfort and performance. 

To perform a proper oral exam and treatments, horses need to be sedated and provided with pain relief, local anaesthesia and sometimes antibiotics, all which can only be legally provided by a veterinarian. 

Dr Kyra is passionate about equine oral health care and has completed additional training in equine dentistry, allowing her to diagnose and treat more complex dental problems.

Dr Kyra will complete a thorough oral exam using lights, mirrors, probes and if needed imaging, with detailed records mapping your horse's mouth and any problems that need attention including fractures, infections, tooth root concerns and sinus problems. Corrective work can be performed with either hand tools or our motorised dental float and if needed extractions can be performed on site. For complex cases we can facilitate referal to specialist dental surgeons.  

We recommend that all horses, ponies and donkeys have a dental check at least once a year, with some horses needing check-ups every 6 months to manage their oral health. Dental appointments can be linked up with annual health checks, blood tests, vaccination and faecal egg counts. Let us know if you need any additional services when you make your booking.