Dedicated dog & cat groomer

Washing and Grooming

At Meadows Veterinary Centre, we are proud to have our own dedicated and talented on-site Groomer, who works in a safe, hygienic and caring environment. 

Emilie is available for bookings with both dogs and cats, with options ranging from bathing only, to a wash and trim, right through to full body summer clips and breed grooms. 

Emilie is calm and compassionate and has a winning way with nervous and difficult animals. 

Being able to offer professional grooming services as a part of a Veterinary Centre has some significant advantages for pet owners. If any skin or medical condition is detected during the grooming process, we will contact you to discuss your options for diagnosis and/or treatment. This will save you time and ensure prompt treatment of problems, which will ultimately save you money, as well as help to keep your pet healthy and comfortable.

Another advantage is that only veterinarians can legally use sedatives (if required). Although the need to use sedation is rare, we do have cases where sedatives will help anxious pets relax and reduce their stress levels. With that support, they can generally learn to enjoy being groomed. The use of sedatives is of course only with an owner’s permission and under a veterinarian’s supervision.

So come and visit or make an appointment today.