Our talented team of Vets and Nurses have extensive skills and a very broad range of experience in all aspects of animal health. Their technical expertise is equalled by their compassionate and caring approach to all situations. 


Dr Zoë Adams

Veterinarian & Practice Owner (BVSc, BHSc, MaVBM, MRCVS)

Dr Zoë is the proud owner and senior veterinarian of Meadows Veterinary Centre. Zoë grew up in the Adelaide Hills and completed her veterinary degree at the University of Sydney. Upon completion, she undertook an Equine Internship in the United Arab Emirates, and from here has had a varied and interesting career working in dedicated equine practice, mixed practice and small animal practice in the UK, UAE, Oman and Kuwait. Her time in the Middle East, also saw her have the opportunity to work with exotic species ranging from gibbons, koati, sharks and penguins to seals, rhinos, elephants and big cats!

Zoë's main interests lies in surgery, small animal internal medicine and first opinion equine practice. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the practice and is keen to continue to extend the procedures and services that can be provided by the clinic. 

Outside of work Zoë likes to keep active. She loves training at the gym, horse riding (especially dressage), skiing and sport of any kind. She also enjoys travelling as much as possible, with an incurable travel bug, 

Zoë lives with her husband Dan (Practice Manager) on a small property in Meadows. They have a menagerie of animals including many weird and wonderful orphans collected through the practice. The farm is headed up by two elderly kelpies, Zurich & Nara, who have travelled the world with Zoë and two crazy young border collies, Shogun & Kraken. Dan & Zoë are proud to solely own the practice and believe strongly in maintaining a family practice offering a high quality of veterinary care, at all times, for all creatures great and small. 

Dr Kyra Wilhelm

Veterinarian (Bsc DVM, Cert 1 & 2 Equine Dentistry)

Dr Kyra graduated from the University of Adelaide, after which she completed an equine internship. Following this she worked for several years in mixed practice in Canberra, consolidating her skills in all realms of veterinary practice. Kyra joined Meadows Veterinary Centre in 2019 and has developed a very loyal client base as our primary Equine Veterinarian. Whilst Kyra still enjoys all the challenges and excitement that mixed practice brings, particularly small animal surgery, Kyra's special interest lies in Equine dentistry, medicine and reproduction. 

In 2021 Kyra completed her level 1 & 2 Certificates in Equine Dentistry. She is passionate about proper equine dental care and ensuring that clients understand the work that is being performed on their horses. Kyra also coordinates our reproductive seasonal work and enjoys the challenge of getting mares in foal. You will often see her out and about with veterinary students who all love completing placement with her. 

Outside of work, Kyra loves spending time with her horses, her beautiful black labrador Fleur and her family golden retriever, Annie. She is an exceptional cook (makes the best brownies in the history of the universe), gin connoisseur, talented crochet and cross-stitch artist, grower of the most perfect nectarines, tennis player, reader and movie enthusiast. 

Dr Michael Kennedy

Veterinarian (BSc DVM)

Dr Michael comes from a farming background, growing up on the west coast of South Australia, then moving to the Adelaide Hills. He loves the rural lifestyle and spending his time with a range of pets and farm animals; including horses, donkeys, cattle, sheep, chickens, pigs, dogs, cats and wildlife.

Dr Michael graduated from the University of Adelaide with a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and joined the practice at the beginning of 2022.

Dr Michael enjoys treating both small and large animals, but his areas of special interest include the treatment of farm animals and surgery.

Outside of working with us, Michael revels in spending time on his hobby farm with his family - including his wife, two boys, two cats and a bird, and complete with a couple of alpacas.

Dr Chiew-Lian Cheng

Veterinarian (BSc DVM)

Dr Chiew-Lian has loved animals since childhood, growing up in Parkside with a menagerie of animals including an English Mastiff, chickens, pigeons, budgies and mice. 

Chiew-Lian graduated from the University of Melbourne and has been practicing since 2006, working exclusively with small animals. 

She is passionate about fear-free handling for animals and looks holistically at the patient, including its family-life and environment, to investigate and identify how each pet can live a happy and fulfilled life. Her special interests are in dental health & hygiene and surgery. 

Outside of the practice, Chiew-Lian loves spending time with her husband and three children, and their dog and cat, as well as catching up with friends (and fielding all of their animal questions - a recent one was "have dogs' ears evolved to be enjoyable to humans to pat because dogs also enjoy their ears being patted?") 

Chiew-Lian loves gardening and grows many collectable cacti and herbaceous perennials. She doesn't mind cooking for necessity - but she prefers to eat!

Dr Rachel Penn

Veterinarian (BSc DVM)

Dr Rachel graduated from the University of Adelaide and joined the practice at the beginning of 2017. Rachel loves working with all species of animals and enjoys the variety of working in a mixed animal practice. She has a soft spot for working with sheep, cattle and alpaca, whilst also enjoying the small animal practice. Rachel's gentle, quiet and caring approach is appreciated by her patients and clients alike. 

In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with family and friends. She also plays the clarinet, loves baking (and we love her baking!), and enjoys being creative with drawing and crafts. She loves cuddles with her cat Otis and her family dog Darius the Black Labrador. 


Dan Adams

Practice Owner/Manager

Dan is the proud owner of Meadows Veterinary Centre with his wife Zoe. Whilst his background is in teaching and administration, Dan has always been passionate about animals. Dan brings a wealth of organisational and management experience to the practice and is the engine behind the scenes ensuring that the practice runs smoothly and positively. 

Since meeting Zoe, Dan has always been a keen visitor to her workplaces and has been actively involved in the rehabilitation of wildlife. In the Middle East, Dan regularly fostered and helped rehabilitate primates, lion cubs and kangaroos who were victims of the illegal wildlife trade. Since returning to Australia, he has been actively involved in native wildlife care and rehabilitation. Dan often comes home with the latest orphan dropped at the practice and has built a motley crew of lambs, goats, chooks, possums and an orphan alpaca called Apollo, who all enjoy life on Dan & Zoe's small farm. 

Dan is a passionate gardener and is developing a native garden around the practice. He has a very productive vegetable garden at home and a prolific orchard. He is a keen apiarist and enjoys caring for all of his animal charges and developing a sustainable life. He is always accompanied by his two young Border Collies, Shogun & Kraken, who he is training to work livestock.  

Outside of practice and farm life, Dan is an avid traveller, having visited 87 countries to date. He is a passionate snowboarder and scuba diver and loves nothing more than a good coffee or a glass of sparkling Shiraz. 

Stacey Young

Head Nurse (Certificate IV Veterinary Nursing)

Stacey is a highly experienced qualified veterinary nurse with extensive experience both within Australia and Internationally. In her 15 years of qualification, Stacey has focused on working in emergency and referral practices, holding positions at the University of Adelaide's Companion Animal Health Centre and several major referral centres in Adelaide and Melbourne.

We are fortunate to have Stacey as our Head Nurse & Clinical Coordinator to help ensure that our nursing team's skills are kept up to date and that our practice and procedures remain of the highest standard. Stacey has specific interests in anaesthesia, pain management, small animal medicine and critical care cases. 

Stacey is a Meadows local and shares her home with her two handsome Ginger Ninja Cats, Arthur and Solly. Stacey loves camping, road trips has an insatiable travel bug and loves sushi and drinks with her friends and colleagues. 

Anna Ward

Veterinary Nurse (Certificate IV Veterinary Nursing)

Anna is a qualified veterinary nurse with a wealth of mixed practice knowledge. She has been with Meadows Veterinary Centre since 2016 and loves all aspects of practice. She particularly enjoys surgical nursing and is a skilled anaesthetics nurse. 

Anna lives in Finniss with her husband, her beautiful baby boy Harvey and her furkid Ingar. She loves spending time with her family, with her thoroughbred Obi, camping and hiking. 

Dee Bailly

Veterinary Nurse (Certificate IV Veterinary Nursing)

Dee is a qualified veterinary nurse with over 20 years of industry experience. Having worked in busy practices her whole career including specialist referral practice and the RSPCA, she has developed exceptional skills in client and patient care.

Dee is very patient focussed and shows exceptional standards of inpatient care. She loves nursing patients through surgery and is a very skilled anaesthetics nurse. Dee loves to care for critical cases and watching them recover with lots of TLC. This is Dee's first experience in mixed practice, and she is loving assisting with large animal calls and seeing the variety of animals that come through our doors. 

Dee has recently moved to Flaxley with her Cat, Johnny, and her Green Cheeked Conjure, Kenji. She is loving her tree change and the opportunity to explore the Adelaide Hills and Fleurieu which are now on her doorstep. 

Penny O'Neil

Veterinary Nurse (Certificate IV Veterinary Nursing)

Penny is a qualified veterinary nurse who has returned to the industry after a career break to raise her family. Prior to this Penny worked in small animal practice as well as in an emergency hospital, solidifying her veterinary nursing skills. 

Penny enjoys all aspects of veterinary practice and is particularly skilled in client communication and triage of cases. Penny provides our inpatients' with compassionate care and is excellent at keeping clients calm in stressful situations to ensure we can give their animals the best care. Penny is enjoying the challenge of working in mixed practice, with her farming background providing her with the needed skills to deal with all the different species that come through our doors. 

Penny Lives in Echunga on a property with her husband, son, daughter, dogs and birds. Penny and her husband also run a plant nursery. Penny enjoys supporting her kids sporting teams, visiting the beach, reading and art. 

Georgia Pellicci

Trainee Veterinary Nurse (Completing Certificate IV Veterinary Nursing)

Georgia is our current trainee veterinary nurse, who is completing her Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing. Georgia has shown great aptitude for the veterinary industry and has exceptional client communication skills as well as developed enormously in her clinical skills and knowledge. Georgia particularly enjoys surgical nursing and anaesthesia. She also has a special interest in training and behaviour and is involved in the provision of our puppy classes. You will see Georgia out and about with our large animal vets as she loves to get involved with the large animal calls, particularly cow caesareans and emergency cases. 

Georgia lives in Aberfoyle Park with her partner and their beautiful fur baby Aspen, who is a Swiss Shepherd. Outside of work Georgia loves her pilates, hiking with Aspen and horse-riding. She is also quite the Italian chef!

Amy Day

Assistant Nurse (6th Year Veterinary Student)

Amy is a final year veterinary student at the University of Adelaide, who we are lucky enough to have as part of both our client relations and nursing team. Amy is extremely knowledgeable and has exceptional skills in patient care, with her interests being in case workup, emergency case management and surgery. Amy has a keen eye for detail and a strong desire to provide the highest quality of care to our patient's and their people. Amy is often involved in the care of our after-hours, surgical and critical cases. She is also always keen to join our large animal vets for assistance on calls. 

Between completing her studies and working with us at Meadows Veterinary Centre, Amy enjoys good food and wine, spending time with friends and hanging out with her family Border Collies Archie and Harry. 

Emilie Van Der Hoogen

Groomer (Completing Certificate III Animal Studies)

Emilie is Meadows Veterinary Centre's talented groomer. Emilie's amazing styling abilities mixed with her compassionate, patient and calm manner with animals, means that she is often sought out, especially for breed grooms and for grooming of nervous animals. Emilie is also currently completing her Certificate III in animal studies and is often helping us out with customer relations. She is always available for extra cuddles with our patients and is never short of a big smile and positive attitude. She also often helps with the care of patients needing extensive clipping and grass seed prevention. 

Emilie is the proud mum to her two Jack Russell's Snicker's (Our Official Practice Mascot) and Bean, as well as her Blue Heeler, Sampson. Outside of work Emilie loves forest walks with her fur kids, horse-riding, spending time with her partner and being a connoisseur of red wine. 

Lily Horner

Assistant Nurse (6th Year Veterinary Student)

Lily is a final year veterinary student at the University of Adelaide, who completed a placement with us, and we couldn't let her leave! Lily is part of our customer service and nursing team and helps us provide outstanding patient and client care. Lily's knowledge and skills are exceptional, and she is often involved in the care of emergency and critical cases, as well as the triage of animals. She is compassionate, observant and proactive, meaning that patients receive the highest level of care in her charge. Lily enjoys working with all species, with a particular interest in surgical and medical cases in the clinic.

Outside of working with us and completing her studies, Lily enjoys riding her horses, spending time at her family's vineyard and enjoying good food and good wine with friends.  

Katala Schneider

Client Relations

Katala joined Meadows Veterinary centre in 2021 and is the friendly face and voice on the end of the phone as our primary client relations officer. Katala is passionate about animals, with her greatest love being production animals. She is particularly passionate about sheep and runs her own sanctuary for sick, injured and orphan lambs. Katala has a wealth of experience in customer service and is a proactive, empathetic individual who is always willing to go the extra mile for our clients. 

Katala has qualifications in leadership and management, mental health and health services assistance and has been an active member of the CFS since 2012. She lives in Meadows with her partner and her ovine charges, who you will see from time to time in the clinic. 

Rebecca Tindale

Animal Care Taker

Rebecca is our latest recruit, working with us on client relations and as our animal attendant extraordinaire. You will see her on reception helping with client care, but most often she is working in the clinic making sure all of our inpatients are clean and fed and get extra cuddles when needed. She is proactive and organised and is always busy with something to make our lives and our patients lives easier. 

Rebecca lives in Prospect Hill on her family property. She has two Portuguese Water Dogs, Evie & Ellie, as well as some miniature pigs, ponies and chickens. She is currently completing her final year of school, and we hope to convince her to stay in the veterinary profession!

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